Two Friends Give Themselves The Gift Of Self Care With A New Wardrobe

Fashion is not about what we wear, but a reflection of how we feel. Receiving texts like these from clients are the foundation of why I do the work I do. #bestversion

The F-Word Documentary, A Film About The Word Fat

So honored to have been asked to be the moderator at the New York City screening of The F-Word: a documentary film about the word FAT not my other favorite F%^* word (food). 

If you’re a sister, daughter, brother, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew once removed blah blah. IF YOU’re a human being and you’re alive, you should watch this movie. This is the greatest conversation about how we use the word Fat. Here are a few snaps from my day at the legendary Public Theater Joe’s Pub in NYC.

Back To College I Go, As A Stylist

It was back to school this week at Monmouth University where I styled the students and professors on set for their new college brochure. Some behind the scenes images of the students and the breathtakingly beautiful campus. Can’t wait to see the final images of what the talented photographer, John Decker captured.



It’s Time To Cut Your Hair And Change The Color

There’s a hair epidemic and you’re probably affected and don’t even know it. So many of us are running around with split ends, the wrong hair color (especially all you over processed blondes) and the wrong style. Why? Oh Why? If you’re still sporting the Jennifer Anniston cut from the 90′s or even better the “feathered birds nest” look (you know who you are) then PLEASE CALL ME I will steer you in the right direction. It will change your life. Yes, cutting or coloring your hair, having a small change in your personal appearance will change the way people look at you, react to you, and most importantly how you feel about yourself. I recently caught a glimpse of myself (pictured below) with long hair taking over my face. My hair grows like a weed and sometimes I think it looks like a squirrel might have died up in there. 

When I saw the photo below I knew I had to cut at least 5 inches off by the talented stylist David Kastin at Cutler Salon in midtown Manhattan.

(Left: hair looking looking like a squirrel is hiding in there & Right: 5 inches off and dead squirrel look is gone. Better right?)



Confidence Is Always Fashionable

I spoke at the Safe to Be Seen event Sunday, August 24, 2014 curated by my colleague and friend Natalie Berthhold who holds family constellations and is a certified Reiki master. I styled a beautifully diverse group of women and showed them how to own their gifts and walk down the runway. The ladies were so confident and cool that it was an honor and joy working with them and teaching them what look best defines their figure. The right fit and color will always boost your confidence. Trust me and try it. 


Working the runway, learning to pose in a photo and feeling good about it!

The art of a proper #selfie. I jumped in with these gorgeous blondes. 



Bernadett Models The Latest Trends on Pix11 Morning Show

It’s always a good day when you wake up at 5am to appear live on a fashion segment for Pix11 Morning Show! (waking up at 5am hooray!)

The stylist for People Style Watch dressed me in my new favorite plus size/full figured/curvy/stylish/gorgeous/trendy line called ELOQUII. Seriously check them out now. I mean it. Drop everything and take a look. The clothing is beautifully tailored and the trends are gorgeous. You will feel sexy & confident. Is there anything better?

Here’s what I wore with details below:



Colorblock top with Shoulder Detail $58

Faux leather skirt $88

Shoes (in house-People Style Watch closet)


Video Shoot Styling

Getting down to the business of styling a client for her upcoming video release. 


Model Citizen

New to New York City, Eliza needed to look the part for her new job.


Lighten Up! Stop Wearing Your Winter Perfume

I am a self proclaimed perfume addict. I j’adore a fine Eau de Parfum. Here are some tips on finding the right one for you from my friends at the Barneys perfume counter. Remember to spritz away just don’t over do it. No one wants to be in a room with a skunk.


Perfumes contain layers of scents to create their unique bouquet. These layers are referred to as notes. Initially you may only notice Read More »

Vintage Never Looked Better

Vintage and consignment shops have never looked better! Please stand up right now and march to your local salvation army, flea market and boutique vintage stores in your area for clothing/books/furniture/jewelry that won’t break the budget (some will but it’s worth it). I spotted this beautiful DVF (Diane von Furstenberg) for dare I say it…$20! Here it is hanging out waiting for me to put her on.

I’m still in a state of shock over my find. I found more online for $320. Look for classic items that will last you years vs trendy items that last a season.

Here are a few stores that I frequent:

Buffalo Exchange (locations all across the country)

Brooklyn Flea (if you’re a lover of all things cool go here)

Ina (brands, brands, and more brands)

And then there’s one more I just discovered. But my mom always told me to keep a secret….but if you really want to know, email me.