Bernadett Models The Latest Trends on Pix11 Morning Show

It’s always a good day when you wake up at 5am to appear live on a fashion segment for Pix11 Morning Show! (waking up at 5am hooray!)

The stylist for People Style Watch dressed me in my new favorite plus size/full figured/curvy/stylish/gorgeous/trendy line called ELOQUII. Seriously check them out now. I mean it. Drop everything and take a look. The clothing is beautifully tailored and the trends are gorgeous. You will feel sexy & confident. Is there anything better?

Here’s what I wore with details below:



Colorblock top with Shoulder Detail $58

Faux leather skirt $88

Shoes (in house-People Style Watch closet)


Video Shoot Styling

Getting down to the business of styling a client for her upcoming video release. 


Model Citizen

New to New York City, Eliza needed to look the part for her new job.


Lighten Up! Stop Wearing Your Winter Perfume

I am a self proclaimed perfume addict. I j’adore a fine Eau de Parfum. Here are some tips on finding the right one for you from my friends at the Barneys perfume counter. Remember to spritz away just don’t over do it. No one wants to be in a room with a skunk.


Perfumes contain layers of scents to create their unique bouquet. These layers are referred to as notes. Initially you may only notice Read More »

Vintage Never Looked Better

Vintage and consignment shops have never looked better! Please stand up right now and march to your local salvation army, flea market and boutique vintage stores in your area for clothing/books/furniture/jewelry that won’t break the budget (some will but it’s worth it). I spotted this beautiful DVF (Diane von Furstenberg) for dare I say it…$20! Here it is hanging out waiting for me to put her on.

I’m still in a state of shock over my find. I found more online for $320. Look for classic items that will last you years vs trendy items that last a season.

Here are a few stores that I frequent:

Buffalo Exchange (locations all across the country)

Brooklyn Flea (if you’re a lover of all things cool go here)

Ina (brands, brands, and more brands)

And then there’s one more I just discovered. But my mom always told me to keep a secret….but if you really want to know, email me.

How Bernadett Bled Her Way Through The May Issue of O Magazine

Have you ever wanted to call in sick to work because you had cramps, heavy bleeding, been emotionally and physically exhausted and didn’t feel like being half naked in a room full of people, where you are the main focus? I found myself facing that very situation. At a recent shoot for O, the Oprah Magazine, where I’d been asked to model lingerie for their yearly Body Issue, a testament to body love and self acceptance, but this time, I couldn’t call out sick.

 As I walked into the brightly lit photography studio, I saw the racks of nude lingerie awaiting me, as well as my co-model for the shoot, a beautiful, elegant size-zero model resembling Lupita Nyong’o. You’d think the idea of disrobing and taking full-length shots in the nude body suit they’d prepared for me would be the part of this story making me pause—hardly. As an international model, I’d been taking shots like this for more than 10 years. No, today, I was feeling vulnerable for an entirely different reason. I’d recently had two very different and serious health scares—and if I hadn’t advocated for myself with multiple doctors—I might not even be standing in the room.

 Just a few weeks prior to the body shoot, I had 20 fibroids removed Read More »

Watch Bernadett On The Katie Couric Show

Don’t you just love affordable trends? Watch as I was featured as one of the models with Kate Dimmock from People Style Watch on the Katie Couric Show.

Watch the segment here and see what Katie says about my hair. It’s a red headed thing!

Here are a couple behind the scene pictures with some of the other models from that day. Thank you Katie!

Tara, Feeling Great From the Inside Out

“I feel so much better about myself thanks to you helping me shop.  I’m the same weight and size as two months ago but feel like I’ve lost 100 pounds….I feel incredible.”

Tara, Financial Client Services

Budgets Are Personal but Savings Are Universal

No matter what your shopping budget, we all love a deal.  This client had set a budget per shopping trip and this is the text I received post our shopping trip:

“15 items (today), full retail value $1450

Paid $588

Saved $862

Thank you Bernadett”

My Super Bowl Prediction Based On: Fashion and Image

Of course you’re interested in knowing my fashionably professional, non-judgmental uninformed football opinion on who will win Super Bowl 2014.  The reason you may care is because if I pick the winner and get anywhere near the right final score, you may just say, hey this red head knows a thing or two about predicting a game based solely on the uniforms and the image each coach portrays.

Thanks to Nike, both teams are outfitted with uniforms designed by the brand that Read More »