Before and Afters Make Me Happy

There is nothing I love more than taking a vision from a client and making it into a reality. My client who lives in the upper west side of Manhattan, loves her books and dreamed of a wall full of books. She previously had ordered book shelves but I was able to convince her that because of the height of her ceilings and amount of books she needed to cover the walls with a shelf system from the Elfa design at the Container Store. She was thrilled with the results. The room is not yet complete because we are taking it in stages but with a lot of planning and a few back and forth designs changes, I was able to create this incredible book shelf. She wanted her books placed by topic and not color coordinated. I like that. It’s very old New York. Raw and classic. She knew what she liked which makes that her best version.

(BEFORE~back wall left to right)


(DURING~back well left to right)


(AFTER~back wall left to right)



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