Glossary to Bernadett’s language

I abbreviate almost everything.  So if I were to rewrite the previous sentence it would read:

I abreev ev.  These are common Bern (what my friends call me) terms my friends hear me use:

PMS= Perfect Man Shoe

LSD= Long Sexy Dress (you must be height appropriate to make LSD work)

LBD= Little Black Dress

BS= Blue Shoes

SIT ON YOUR MOUTH= (Loose Hungarian to English saying)= Stop Talking

YUMMA LAMMA DING DONG= Delicious, Thank You, More Please

LYLT= Love You Long Time

BALOOBAS= Insanity/Crazy/Out Of This World

FU-N= Fun


MERRY CHRISTMAS= When I Say Bye to Someone Cuz Everyone is Usually so Damn Cheery During the Holidays

NOSTUESO= No one speaks twice until everyone speaks once (learned this during my corps year at City Year).

(If you even think about using my material you can deal with my size 9.5 shoe and attorneys.)

Thank you. Love you Like my love handles