Confidence, Style and Image In The Workplace

On November 9th, I was asked to speak at the Effective Communication Seminar Hosted by CRE Finance Council in New York City. Effective communication is translated to verbal and non verbal forms of speak. In my opinion, before entering any room, make sure you’re filled with a dose of confidence and self awareness and you’ll be able to dive into any topic that’s of importance to you. You’ve heard me share before that confidence is a muscle we must flex all the time. As you gain life experiences, so does your confidence muscle. It grows bigger, stronger and able to endure more obstacles. This talk was particularly important as the role of women in the work place has changed we must power through our challenges and start building ourselves and each other up. For example, continue to elevate your educational skills even when you are already at your dream. You must exercise your mind and body to gain the tools you need to further yourself and your goals. Keep achieving and setting new personal and work goals. Support one another and attend supportive seminars like these to gain new tools. Hope you’re all doing well and the holidays are cheery and happy.