Everything You Do, Depends On This Video

One of the first things I tell my clients when we talk about their style is: When someone meets you for the first time it takes them 7 seconds to judge you and 10 more meetings for them to change their opinion of you.  Why not get it right the first few seconds?  Image is a powerful tool.  As a professional model and image consultant I know this to be true.  I always need to put my best self forward but find that there must be a balance so that I remain true to myself and not to fit an image of how others perceive me.  How do you find the right balance?  Here’s a great 10min video of Cameron Russell (Victoria’s Secret model) speaking on this exact topic.  Let me know what you think.



  1. Sharon A. Gauthier says:

    I loved the side by side photo’s and how she referred to the model photo’s as construction. She pointed out the unfairness off getting “free” stuff, things she received because of her looks and not her job. The legacy and lottery, and how wanting to be a model is akin to wanting to win the lottery.

    But most importantly where the statistics about how young girls feel about their bodies. And the insecurity of being a model and that having shiny hair, thin thighs does not equal happiness.

    When we are comfortable with ourselves physically, we balance that with our emotional acceptance as well.

    TEDx has a lot of great videos for many different things.

    Thanks Bern for posting this.

  2. Tori Santoro says:

    I was so completely absorbed by her simple honesty and incredible insight. Thank you for sharing Bern!

  3. Lucy Yang says:

    What an empowering information. Great find Bern! I wish we could all skip years of insecure thoughts and self created walls that keep us from reaching our full potential. Our perception of ourselves is the only thing holding us back or moving us forward in our evolution to a fulfilled and happy life. Thanks Bern

  4. Klara p. Vajda says:

    Dear Bernadett, my favorite middle daughter,

    That was an insightful and honest testimonial.

    Thank you for making this available and just hope many young men and women will take the message to their heart.

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