Flex Your Confidence Muscle

I’m now getting caught up from the last quarter of the year and still getting messages from people who weren’t able to attend my latest talk on body image and confidence but saw my Instagram post about the talk I gave at a school in Long Island, New York on the topic of body image and confidence. They go hand in hand. You can’t have positive body image unless you’re confident. How do you become confident? Flex that confidence muscle. But how, you ask?

At the school, I asked girls to come on stage and look in the mirror and tell me what they loved about themselves and also share qualities no one else can see just by looking at them. I told them that those were the qualities they needed to nurture in order to become a confident person. Man or woman, we must flex our muscles  in order to become who we are meant to be. At the end, this young girl (pictured) said that her mom and grandmother told her she has a big heart. May you all nurture your heart and continue to flex your confidence muscle. I’m honored to work as a model & image consultant who gets to share this message with people of all ages. Thank you A Might Lass for having me at your school. It was an honor to meet all of you and meet your bright and confident students.

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