Hillary Clinton and Bernadett Vajda


Yes, that’s me when I was 19 years old and a City Year Corps member in Chicago with Hillary Clinton.  I look back and think, God, I so didn’t know how to pose for a camera. I chose this picture because clearly I’ve been through a style transformation, but our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has really come into her own.  I saw a photo of her today (see photo below) with Kareem Abdul Jabbar and thought, Woman oh Woman have you grown into your skin.  Bravo Hillary!! Thanks for letting your hair down.  Women in politics (any field really, yes even models) have to be smarter, wittier, dress better, our nails must always be manicured with (sugar daddy nail color by Essie, of course), our character must also be impeccable and we must have degrees in every subject matter.  Therefor, Hillary is my Golden Globes Hair and Style Winner of 2012.  It’s all about staying power.  Continue to seek your dreams and style goals.