It’s Time To Cut Your Hair And Change The Color

There’s a hair epidemic and you’re probably affected and don’t even know it. So many of us are running around with split ends, the wrong hair color (especially all you over processed blondes) and the wrong style. Why? Oh Why? If you’re still sporting the Jennifer Anniston cut from the 90’s or even better the “feathered birds nest” look (you know who you are) then PLEASE CALL ME I will steer you in the right direction. It will change your life. Yes, cutting or coloring your hair, having a small change in your personal appearance will change the way people look at you, react to you, and most importantly how you feel about yourself. I recently caught a glimpse of myself (pictured below) with long hair taking over my face. My hair grows like a weed and sometimes I think it looks like a squirrel might have died up in there. 

When I saw the photo below I knew I had to cut at least 5 inches off by the talented stylist David Kastin at Cutler Salon in midtown Manhattan.

(Left: hair looking looking like a squirrel is hiding in there & Right: 5 inches off and dead squirrel look is gone. Better right?)