Polar Vortex Means Fashionably Warm Heads

Seeing a trend on the streets of New York. Besides not seeing anyone’s face because it’s so cold, keeping your lid warm is trending. 

There’s a statistic (google it to double check) that something like 80% of your heat escapes from your head.  Remain calm, cool (no pun intended) and fashionable!

Saw these lovely women on the streets of New York.  One was the gorgeous and talented B. Smith (who is also the first African American model to grace the cover of Mademoiselle Magazine in 1976) and one woman we stalked for a picture of her faux fur headband. (Thank you B. Smith for stopping to pose for us, you’re gorgeous even in the dead of winter!)


Priced High to Low, check them all out.  Something for everyone.

SAKS Fox Fur HeadBand/Collar $225

FurHat World $35

TopShop $10