So Much To Read, So Little Time





 (Jennifer Lawrence Oscars, Dior “Fall” Fashion, courtesy of Grace Coddington)






I am overwhelmed with how many beautiful creative websites there are to read and cruise it’s breathtaking content filled pages.  I never have enough time to read and watch it all.  Here are my  favorite sites (in no particular order) for you to enjoy.

1) The Coveteur

Love the style interviews with people in the industry

2) Advanced Style 

Style has no age limit

3) Harpers Bazaar 

Always juicy and current runway trends

4) Yoox 

Complete looks making it look easy 

5) Polyvore 

Consolidating fashionable looks

6) Vogue (Italy) 

Needs no comment

7) Fashionista 

Style guides from parties to runways

8) Huffington Post 

Up to the minute fashionable notes

9) Bernadett.Net

(How did this one get on my list?)

10) Details

Love me some male fashion

11) Cool Hunting 

My fave new site