Speaking To Young Open Minds at the Fashion Institute of Technology

I was invited to speak to a class studying Business of Fashion Styling at the Fashion Institute of Technology to share my business and career advice to students who were stepping into careers in fashion. I was fortunate to attend FIT for my image consulting certificate and have since recommended it to so many aspiring fashionable business minded people. Here are a few tips I shared with the class:

  • Set yourself apart from everyone else. Don’t be just another “person in fashion.”  Be an individual and offer your clients something unique to you.
  • Love what you do. If you don’t love it. Move on.
  • Make everything your business. Don’t assume you don’t have to know about every little detail, you do. If your name is on it, it’s your business
  • Write down short and long term goals.

(A few pictures of these lovely young minds)

But first, a group selfie.

(May the fashionable force be with you all)


(Love when students come up after to speak to me in private. Bright futures ahead for these students)