Body Image Speech At Umass Lowell








(Photo with some of the members of S.I.S.T.E.R.S)

I was thrilled to be part of the S.I.S.T.E.R.S. (Sisters of Integrity Towards Empowerment, Respect and Success) during their second annual I LOVE MY BODY event at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell on April 12th. 

The evening was designed as a safe place for all involved to share their stories.

It began with two students sharing their personal stories about their own struggles with their bodies and outside influences that have shaped their own views about themselves.  Wow!! How amazing that there is a place that provides a platform for young adults to talk about this. The students were open, sincere and inspiring.

When it was my turn my heart was pounding. I had been so excited to speak to the students and now it was time. 

I stepped up to the podium looked out at the sea of faces and began speaking. I also decided to be sincere, raw and authentic.  I talked about one of the darkest times of me life.  After my father was murdered I recalled a portion of that difficult time.  Here is part of what I said:

 I set my mind to recovery early on but it took me years to get here to where I am standing in front of you.  I remember a few years back my mom was telling me a story about someone and she said the following:


It’s as though I had heard this phrase for the first time.  I realized I was my own worst enemy.

All the: fat, ugly, disgusting, no man will ever like you was me being my own worst enemy. 

I decided then I would become my own best friend.  I would never speak to my best friend and tell her she’s fat, ugly, disgusting and no man will ever like you so why was I saying it to myself?

 It ended there.  Every time a negative thought came in I was aware of it and told myself I was my own BEST FRIEND.  No more.  I was my own best friend and there began my new business.  How to be the best version of myself.

 We all have a path to choose. Follow your instincts, remember we are all here for a purpose, and I believe our purpose is to follow our passion in life while helping others. Your instinct is your best friend, and I wish you the strength and courage to choose what is best for you.