Making History At New York Fashion Week

It’s been a week since one talented designer, named Eden Miller, and six plus size models walked down the runway and into the history books at New York Mercedes Benz Fashion week.

(VIDEO) Walking Into History Books

I was honored to be one of the six girls to walk that day and it’s taken an entire week to really sink in.

There has been a flood of press from bloggers, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN reporting on the breakthrough in fashion history but it wasn’t until Tuesday evening, September 10th, when Jimmy Fallon mentioned the Eden Miller show during his monologue that I realized what a major impact this one show has made on the future of fashion and the way we see beauty.

I am so proud of designer Eden Miller for delivering a fashion philosophy that the masses can embrace, breaks barriers and challenges the status quo in the fashion industry.

 Watch The Entire Show Here 14:54



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