Truth Serum: Women’s Bodies Are Not Fruit Shapes And Lots More on Huffington Post

My soul really needed this live chat with LifeStyle Editor, Jamie Feldman from Huffington Post (video here–> Huffington Post). We sat down to talk face to face (see pictures below) on all things body image, confidence and fashion. I got real with why women shouldn’t compare their bodies to a piece of fruit and why it’s important to practice your self love muscle daily.

Jamie Feldman, Huff Post Style Editor and Bernadett Vajda Huffington Post Mission

Takeaway from segment:

  • flex your self love muscle daily
  • get properly measured for a bra
  • your body is one of a kind and so are you
  • move your body everyday
  • delete idiots who are mean on all social media accounts

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(screenshots from the YOUNOW)

IMG_5265 IMG_5268

Thank you @RealGirlProject Jamie Feldman for having me as a guest. You’re the real girl!


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