11 Tips For Impeccable Style


Tailor your Clothes

Everything will not always fit just right.


Your Hands and Feet are Important

Clean and well-kept finger and toe nails signal a lot about a person.


Time is of the Essence

Always give yourself enough time to get ready. (You may change your mind during the process!) Before you go out, look into the mirror, see if you look sharp and if you like your look. Your look does not have to be perfect, but it must feel good for you. When it does, it will give you confidence.


Undergarments Count

Good bras are a must. You can wear clothes you didn’t think you could wear with the right bra.


Don’t Fake It

You know it’s fake and so does everyone else. Invest in a bag. If you cannot afford a brand, then just buy some funky and trendy inexpensive bags.


Invest in the Classics

When you have something for 10+ years and still feel and look good in it, you will know it was worth every penny.


Keep your Shoes Spotless

No holes, clean and fresh, polished. Shoes can make or break your look. Your shoes do not have to be by the latest fashion, but they need to be aligned with your clothing style and color.


Out With The Old

When you purchase a new item of clothing, an old one must go out.


Change Your Hair Style

Wear it to another side, let it down, put it up, see what hairdo goes best with your outfit. Hair can be your pride and helps a great deal with your appearance.


Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Throw on some color, buy a different color gloss.

little girl in mirror

Say It Out Loud

When I was a girl, my mother made me stand in front of a mirror and she pointed out all my best features. (It was in those sessions that I later learned what a d├ęcolletage was.) Stand in front of your mirror, see and say out loud your favorite features.