The Kardashians And Their Security Detail

While dining out with friends on Tuesday evening, I spotted an unusual amount of tall, broad, massive amounts of handsome men roaming around the restaurant. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a table of beautiful women only to see that it was the Kardashian sisters.  The girls are stunning and just as beautiful as you would imagine. But it wasn’t the girls that caught my eye but how well their security detail was dressed. It was endearing to see these men so big they make the New England Patriots look like tater tots. Wing tip light tan shoes, suits that fit these gentle giants like a glove. You see, I always notice shoes on people. I didn’t grow up with much and what we did have, we took really good care of. It was imperative we keep our shoes clean, shiny and in good shape along with every other item in our wardrobe. No matter your size, tailor your clothes it will make it look custom and always keep your shoes clean. 

 (Kim, I’m a bit embarrassed I took your photo but you looked gorgeous)